Freedom Monument in Willow Grove

Veterans Memorial Park

Honoring Our Veterans, Appreciating Their Service, Uniting as a Community

Soldier and sonThroughout the decades, citizens of Willow Grove and the surrounding area have answered the nation’s call to serve in the armed forces.  These men and women left home and family behind to become defenders of freedom in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard and Navy.  In honor of our veterans, the people of Willow Grove purchased land to create Veterans’ Memorial Park at the end of World War II.  Today, Veterans’ Memorial Park is an integral part of the Upper Moreland Township Parks and Recreation system, used for community events, athletic competitions, play and recreation.

As part of its Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan, Upper Moreland is in the process of improving the park.  Along with a new entranceway under construction on Old York Road near Easton Road, the park will feature a variety of improvements.  (For more information, please go to the Upper Moreland Township Parks & Recreation website )  While tax dollars are being put to work to improve the park, no public money can be used to improve the memorial for the veterans – the money will have to come from private donations.

To honor all of our veterans, those living and those who have gone before us, the Willow Grove Veterans’ Memorial Committee is seeking contributions to build a new memorial in the park.  We’re asking the community to come together as it did in the 1940s in a renewed spirit of appreciation for our veterans to the memorial in tribute to those who served as our defenders of freedom.