Robert E. Murphy

Robert Murphy In the Navy

Robert Murphy
In the Navy

United States Navy
Machinist Mate
Cold War

Robert Murphy grew up in Germantown, went to grade school and Dobbins Vocational Technical high school in Philadelphia. Following his enlistment, he returned to Philadelphia and now resides in Abington Township where he remains an active citizen today. Here are some of Mr. Murphy’s thoughts about his service to the country, living in Roslyn and the Willow Grove Veterans Memorial:

Service to the Country

Robert enlisted in the U.S. Navy on March 12, 1956, he was assigned to the destroyer USS HALE (DD642) as a Machinist Mate. With the eruption of the Suez Crisis in 1956 his ship was called on to help prevent a larger conflict protecting American interests. In 1958 patrolled off the coast of Lebanon as gunfire support for ground troops ashore. While operating off Lebanon his Task Force was called to the conflict between Red China and Taiwan, traveling through the Suez Canal to the Straits of Formosa. He returned via the Panama Canal to his home port of Newport, R. I. completing an around the world cruise. His ship visited many different countries and he enjoyed the experience. He was discharged from active service on July 16, 1959.

Living in the Community

Robert married Gail Farish nee (Courduff) of Glenside, PA on Feb. 22, 1992. They have seven children between them. Robert worked as a Field Technician and District Service Manager for EASTMAN KODAK Company, for over 37 years, taking early retirement in December of 1995. He started his own printing supply business and is now taking full advantage of retirement. He is an active member of VFW Post 3612, Willow Grove Community Service, American Legion, Tin Can Sailors Assn. and USS HALE reunion committee. Robert and Gail are also blessed with ten beautiful grandchildren.

The Willow Grove Veterans Memorial

The new monument will forever honor not only the Willow Grove men and women veterans but the entire surrounding community’s veterans as well for their sacrifices while serving their country in War and Peace.