Veterans’ Ambassadors

On behalf of Willow Grove Veterans, a dedicated group of people is leading the efforts to raise money to build the new monument. Please feel free to contact any of these people to learn how you can help support the Willow Grove Veterans Memorial. The Willow Grove Veterans Memorial Ambassadors are:

David H. Cooper
Partner, Guy M Cooper Inc.
Phone: 215-659-0676

“I support the War Memorial for those who have served and are serving now in our armed forces. I’m also supporting it as a tribute to my father and Grandfather who have served. My Grandfather is named on the memorial in the park now. I want to see the memorial be updated and become a memorable monument in our community for all to see and be proud of those that have served, are serving today and will serve in the years to come.”

Jack Durkin, CPA
Phone: 215-443-7100

“I am supporting the memorial as a means of paying tribute to the efforts that many Americans have put forth to preserve our freedom. Hopefully the memorial will inspire the younger generations to ask the question, ‘WHY?’ They will understand that freedom has a price. Thank God there are Americans that have been willing to pay that price.”

Charles F. Kremp, 3rd
Kremp Florist
Phone: 215-285-8080
Email Address

“Veterans Memorial Park will provide our area with so many of the benefits that enrich the lives of all who live, work, and visit Willow Grove. The memorial will be emblematic of the spirit of our community.”

Kip McFatridge
McFatridge Insurance
Agency LLC, President
Phone: 215-659-8299

“I believe in supporting our Military in any way I can. Especially for Pennsylvanians, I also have a great respect for the veterans that started this park and want to see that their dream is completed.”

Roger Myers
Willow Grove VFW
Phone: 215-659-3782

“Having worked with the VFW for over 30 years, I have grown to understand veterans. They are really proud to have served their country. I feel we need a place for everyone to go and remember how we got to be free. People forget that we need a memorial so we all will never forget.”

Sam Valenza
Bux-Mont Transportation Services
Phone: 215-659-0555

“Supporting the memorial is the right thing to do. We need to have some sort of memorial for our fallen troops. This is a great idea and I am fully supportive. This is a needed part of the Memorial Park Drive Project. Children need to understand the importance of our veterans and the value that their efforts have provided in supporting our rights and defending our nation.”